The Olympic Peninsula’s wet microclimates and lush landscapes are similar to those of the French countryside where the tradition of crafting soft-ripened cheeses began. Mt. Townsend creamery was founded in the hope of reviving a long tradition of cheese making in Jefferson County. This tradition began in the 1850s when William Bishop and William Elridge, some of the area's first settlers, turned to dairy farming when cultivating crops proved difficult. Soon they were producing thousands of pounds of butter and cheese, and exporting these products to Seattle and Tacoma. 

The region’s cheese making peaked just before World War II, but since the mid-twentieth century dairy farms in the area have been on the decline. More recently family-owned dairies have struggled to stay in business.

Supporting local dairy farming and taking advantage of a once abundant but now dwindling resource, Mt. Townsend aims to bring new life to dairy by creating wonderful cheese. From the beginning, we have prioritized using high-quality milk from family-owned farms on the Olympic Peninsula. Today Mt. Townsend’s cheeses are handcrafted from the milk of a single herd of 250 cows that live and graze on one family-owned farm, in Sequim, whose owners have been raising dairy cows for generations.

At Mt. Townsend Creamery, we work with local farmers to handcraft a product that captures the character of the Olympic Peninsula, reinvigorating old world traditions to produce delicious, artisan cheeses. 

Mt. Townsend Creamery is currently working on plans to relocate the creamery to a new location in Port Townsend.