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ABOUT USmt. townsend creamery cheese

Our cheese is a direct product of our landscape. Mt. Townsend Creamery is founded on the belief that Pacific Northwest dairy is a regional treasure. We hope to call attention to the agricultural tradition of the North Olympic Peninsula by using local milk to create fine artisan cheeses. We source only the best local milk from the region to craft cheese with a sense of place.

As the North Olympic Peninsula’s first artisan creamery we have built our business on innovation as well as tradition. Owners Matt Day and Ryan Trail have worked to reinvigorate the dairy processing industry in the Northwest by introducing specialty cheeses made using traditional methods with a northwest flavor. It’s our goal to help rebuild our region’s dairy processing tradition while paying homage to the dairies that have allowed us to thrive.


We feel that making great cheese is a way to bring the community closer to its roots and its food. The Olympic Peninsula has a rich dairy history. Its rolling landscape and rocky soils are more suited to grazing than tilling, a tradition small family run dairies have practiced for the last 150 years.

Workers at Mt. Townsend Creamery know cheese. The small staff depends upon teamwork and versatility as cheesemaking requires constant attention. Our cheesemakers are often seen at the farmers markets selling cheese and our retailer routinely leaves the store register to help drain whey and ladle curds. A visit to the creamery places the entire cheesemaking process before you, and we'll be happy to spend time explaining the process and answering any questions you have. We're proud of our product, our team and our facility and enjoy sharing it with visitors.



Port Townsend has long been known as a place of abundant natural beauty, historic buildings, wooden boats, and art and music festivals. It has also become a haven for fine dining and sustainable agriculture, making Port Townsend a natural fit for Mt. Townsend Creamery.

Our creamery is housed in a retrofitted fifty year old warehouse that has been home to boat builders, glass repair companies, a radical fringe book publisher, and most recently the local Department of Licensing – a perfect example of sustainable development.

mt townsend creamery our place

With a lot of hard work and some help from friends and local contractors, the guys at Mt. Townsend Creamery created a modern and efficient facility to produce traditional European style handmade cheeses, blending science, technology, and art.

The heart of the facility is the 310 gallon Dutch-made vat pasteurizer, where all of the cheese is born. It is then shuffled between a series of climate-controlled rooms before packing and cold storage.