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FAQ'sblessed are the cheesemakers

  • Mt. Townsend is a real Mountain. It is the Olympic Mountain closest to Port Townsend.
  • Matt originally wanted to start a brewery, Ryan said, "How about spirits?" They compromised on cheese. Matt and Ryan partnered with Will to start the creamery in 2005.
  • The Mountain on the Trailhead logo is not Mt. Townsend. It is Mt. Baker which dominates the Eastern view from Port Townsend.
  • The thin black coating around Seastack is not mold, but rather vegetable ash traditionally used in cheesemaking.
  • Our milk is hormone free, no RGBH or RBST. Our farms use no chemical fertilizer on their pastures.
  • A whole wheel of Trailhead weighs roughly half as much as Ryan Trail’s head.
  • Cirrus is the name of a thin white cloud. Seastacks are real, though rarely white. They are small squat islands that dot the Pacific Coast.
  • We use all natural, non-GMO animal rennet.